• Waynesville R-VI School District

    200 Fleetwood Drive

    Waynesville, MO  65583


    Phone numbers, addresses, etc. for Waynesville Schools

    Our preschools 
    Parker Educational Center
    Williams Early Childhood Center
    Our elementary (K-5) schools
    East, Freedom, Partridge, Thayer Wood           
    Our middle schools
    Waynesville 6th Grade Center (6) 
    Waynesville Middle School (7-8) 
    Our high school and career/ed tech
    Waynesville High School
    Waynesville Career Center

    Department phone numbers


  • Administration Building in the fall with trees turning colors


    About the district 

    Waynesville logo  
    Waynesville R-VI School District …
    where the orange and black unite
    with the red, white and blue. 
    From pre-school for children with special needs and developmental concerns to dual credit and AP college courses at the high school, Waynesville Schools offer a variety of programs to meet the academic needs of students at all levels. As a result, our students routinely perform above average on state and national tests. 

    Waynesville teachers embrace the Professional Learning Community model and classes begin late each Wednesday to allow teachers to
    collaborate on best practices.    

    Beyond rigorous academics, students learn to apply school-wide positive behavior support strategies, model character words and embrace good habits for successful daily living. Understanding the value of individual responsibility is emphasized,
    along with service to others.

    Parents also are asked to maintain high expectations for their children, and none is more important than attendance. Every healthy child should be at school every day. 

    Report Card from the State of Missouri


    Dashboard State Report Card at a Glance 


    Trademark information

    The Waynesville R-VI logo (above) is a trademarked image and may only be used with permission of the Waynesville R-VI School District. For licensing and use agreements, please contact Communications and Marketing at PR@waynesville.k12.mo.us or call 573-842-2040 for more information. 

    The Waynesville R-VI School District does not discriminate in its programs, services, activities, facilities or employement.