Alexandria Researcher
    Alexandria Researcher - Use for searching for books in our library and placing holds on library books  Your log in for Alexandria is Username: student number / password: last name
    Video directions for placing a hold on a library book: https://youtu.be/wMb5WQiNxh8
    Destiny                                  SoraApp
    destinydiscover               Sora by Overdrive
                                                                                       Download the Sora app from the 
                                                                                       app store to use on your mobile devices.  
    We have a collection of over 1,800 ebooks                      We subscribe to a shared collection from MOREnet
    available to all students.                                                making a large collection of ebooks and audiobooks available.
    Use your student ID for log in and password.                  Use your student ID for log in and password.
    Video directions for Destiny: https://youtu.be/wLY-I1nTnaU    Video directions for Sora: https://youtu.be/X5lLsD1rU7k

    Truman Readers Award Reporting Form for 21-22 School Year  - you will need to complete a form for each

    nominee that you have completed.   You could have finished the book this school year or during a previous school year. 




    click on the icon to go to the Truman Readers Award Info from Missouri School Librarians

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    Last updated: August 2021