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    At Waynesville Middle School we are excited to have 
    Respectful, Responsible Learners!

    Every student receives a PBS Consent Form, which outlines the WMDS PBS Program.  Please see the link below for program goals, incentive qualification criteria and tentative activities and dates sponsored by PBS.  In order to participate in PBS activities, students must have a consent form on file. 

    2018-2019 Consent Form and Information


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    Monthly Character Traits

    Each month, students and faculty at the middle school will focus on a character trait. The traits will be one of the 16 Habits of Mind. The Habits of Mind are defined as the dispositions that are skillfully and mindfully employed by characteristically successful people when confronted with problems, the solutions to which are not immediately apparent. For more information or useful resources regarding the

    Habits of Mind, visit the following link: http://habitsofmind.org


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    Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports 

    South-West RegionalProfessional Development Center 

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