• Missouri Learning Standards
    In an effort to better communicate about education standards in Missouri, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Missouri Department of Higher Education have launched a new website focused on the Missouri Learning Standards. Click here to go to the Missouri Learning Standards website.  The site features resources, videos and information on the standards.

    "The Missouri Learning Standards are vital to Missouri becoming a top 10 state for education by 2020," said Chris L. Nicastro, commissioner of education. "It is important that we offer the public and our partners in education accurate information for our children to be successful."

    The new site explains the relationship between the Missouri Learning Standards and the Show-Me Standards. The Missouri Learning Standards are grade-level and course-level expectations for student learning in the following subjects:

    - English language arts and literacy
    - Mathematics
    - Science
    - Social studies
    - World languages
    - Fine arts
    - Health/physical education
    - Guidance and counseling
    - Career and technical education

    "We support the new Missouri Learning Standards because they align with college-level content and expectations," said David Russell, commissioner of higher education. "We believe the standards will help Missouri students be better prepared for the rigor of college."

    The Missouri Learning Standards align to the broader Show-Me Standards for student performance in the state. Educators use the grade-level and course-level expectations to help students achieve the Show-Me Standards for college- and career-readiness. Visit the Missouri Learning Standards website to view the wealth of information available to you.