Ninth Grade Center

  • About the Ninth Grade Center

    The physical space of the 9th Grade Center is a critical ingredient to the program's success. Essentially, the 9th Grade Center is a building within a building. While the center houses core courses and facilities dedicated to freshmen, it remains connected so that students can take advantage of the high school’s elective classes and programs. Interaction with upperclassmen is encouraged in their shared spaces, including the library, cafeteria, and elective classrooms.

    Students and faculty have been arranged in small learning communities where core teachers work with a smaller group of freshmen to get to know them, their parents and their specific learning styles. In addition to collaborating to solve problems, the teams tackle rigorous interdisciplinary units, using skills that are important to all core subjects. This moves learning into a larger context that is more relevant and "real world" for students.

    The WHS 9th Grade Center is an expertly designed facility that houses small learning communities and delivers special programs designed to strengthen the transition of students from middle school to high school. The Waynesville R-VI School District has added an educational wing to the existing high school that provides core classrooms, locker space, hallways and a separate office area dedicated to freshmen. At the 9th Grade Center, we are focused on our freshmen.


Closeup shot of the Ninth Grade Center Entrance
Wide shot showing the entrance and building for the Ninth Grade Center
  • Freshman Transition Day

    Before school starts, freshmen participate in a wide range of activities that include meeting their freshmen mentors, touring the school, locating their lockers and classrooms, participating in "getting to know you" activities, meeting the administrators and counselors, and cheering at a pep assembly.

    Tiger Time

    Each morning, freshmen meet with their mentors who deliver mini-lessons, covering a wide array of topics that are critical to student success. 

    Student Recognition

    Throughout the year, freshmen are recognized for their academic achievements, excellent attendance, and positive attitude. The goal is to promote a positive school culture and provide examples of the most desirable traits of students at Waynesville High School.