• Student Activities and Organizations


    Student Activities

    WCC offers many activities for students.  These include job shadowing opportunities, field trips, guest speakers, job fairs and college career days.

    Career & Technical Student Organizations

    Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO's) are recognized as integral to the career and technical education program. CTSO's provide a unique program of career and leadership development, motivation and recognition exclusively for middle/junior high and secondary students enrolled in career and technical programs. A CTSO is a powerful instructional tool that works best when integrated into the career and technical curriculum and classroom by a career and technical instructor who is committed to the development of the total person, career and technical educators recognize the importance of providing students with job and career-related training that complements the job-specific skills needed for entry into a particular field.
    Students participating in these organizations will have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through regional, state, and national competitions. They also gain leadership skills and complete community service projects.

    Student Benefits

    • Develop essential Skills for Success such as Learning, Thinking, Communication,
      Technology and Interpersonal Skills
    • Gain a positive image through competitive skill events, leadership development, and service projects
    • Serve their communities and nation
    • Gain a competitive edge in the workforce
    • Interact with future employers
    • Scholarships

    WCC has the following CTSO's:  DECA, FBLA-BPA, FFA and SkillsUSA