• Mission, Beliefs and Goals

    Waynesville Career Center Vision Statement
    Waynesville Career Center is committed to developing a diverse and skilled workforce of lifelong learners.

    Waynesville Career Center Mission Statement
    Waynesville Career Center provides a relevant learning environment using critical thinking, technology, and career skills to prepare students for success.

    Waynesville R-VI School District Core Values:

    • Student learning needs are the priority of our school district.
    • Through equity and inclusion, our district enhances the educational opportunities for our diverse community.
    • As a school district and community, we commit to high expectations and continuous learning to improve the educational experience for our students.

    District Vision
    Excel as a student-centered community of learners that embraces diversity, collaboration, and innovation.

    District Mission
    Prepare and empower individual lifelong learners for opportunities as citizens and leaders.

    Collective Commitments:
    The following actions will be taken to accomplish the vision and mission of the Waynesville R-VI School District.

    • Our decisions will be focused on the best interests of the students.
    • Staff members will act with integrity, while respecting, understanding, and appreciating diversity.
    • We will provide opportunities for students to grow as leaders.
    • Through professional collaboration, we will implement innovative instructional strategies and assess their effectiveness with continuous evaluation.
    • We will collaborate, communicate, and engage with our stakeholders.
    • We will prepare students to be college and career ready (PK-12) through rigorous coursework and relevant learning experiences that foster critical thinking.