• Veteran's Education Benefits
    Non-College Degree Programs

    The GI Bill is available for training at non-college-degree Institutions. This includes the training in areas such as HVAC repair, truck driving, emergency medical training, and barber/beautician school.

    Available Benefit

    The payment amount varies depending on the GI Bill program you are utilizing and the type of non-college-degree school you are attending. Payments are issued monthly after the training is completed. The monthly entitlement is based on the number of clock hours you attend training during each week of the month.

    The Post-9/11 GI Bill

    Under this program, for programs offered at non-degree granting schools, the benefit pays the actual net costs for in-state tuition and fees or national Maximum, whichever is less.

    Monthly housing allowance (MHA) is paid based on the location of the school. Up to $83 per month is available for books and supplies.

    All Other GI Bill Programs

    VA pays a monthly rate that varies depending on which GI Bill program you are entitled to and how long your qualifying military service was. View current payment rates.

    Most of our programs at WCC are approved for VA Benefits in addition to Financial Aid.  In order to use your VA Benefits at WCC please follow these steps:
    1. If you have never used your benefits please apply on-line at www.gibill.va.gov 
    2. If you have used your benefits at a different school you will need to complete a Change of Program or Place of Training form 
    3. You will receive a Verification of Benefits or Certificate of Eligibility from VA, please bring this to the Certifying Official at WCC when you enroll.
    4. The Certifying Official will then complete an Enrollment Certification and submit it to VA. Processing can take up to 10 weeks.
    If there is a change in your enrollment status at any time, please notify the Certifying Official to avoid any overpayments that you may have to refund.
    If you have further questions you may contact Beverly Zadravecz the WCC Certifying Official, at 573-842-2500 Ext. 2511, Call VA at 1-888-442-4551 or visit the VA Website at www.gibill.va.gov.
    Thank you for your Service