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    06/24/2020 Status


    Additional Documentation

    An acknowledgement that the institution signed and returned the certification and agreement form and that the institution has used, or intends to use the funds to provide the mandated amount of at least 50% of the emergency financial aid grants to students.


    WCC signed and submitted the certification that we intended to use 50% of the funds for emergency grants to students. This was completed on June 2, 2020 via the grants.gov website.



    The total amount of fund that the institution will receive, or has received under the HEERF student portion.


    WCC will receive $26,690.00 through HEERF student funds on 6/8/2020.



    Of those funds, the total amount has been distributed to students as of the date of reporting (i.e. the first 30-day deadline, and then every 45 days thereafter.


     As of 6/16/2020, $25,774.19 has been disbursed to students. 



    The estimated total number of students at the institution eligible to participate in programs under Section 484 in Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 and therefore eligible to receive an emergency financial aid grant.


    As of the first date of disbursement (approx. 6/16/2020, there were 32 eligible students.



    The total number of students who have received an emergency financial aid grant.


    As of 6/16/2020, 32 students have received the HEERF Funds. 



    How the institution determined which students did, or will receive emergency financial aid grants and how much funding they did, or will receive.



    The financial aid office determined that each student had a valid 2019-2020 ISIR with no C-Codes (making them eligible to receive Title IV).

    The amount was figured based on the student's base tuition amount. Each student was given 7.47% of the base tuition for the program they are enrolled.

    • Practical Nursing students will receive $915.81
    • Cosmetology students will receive $443.37
    • T&I students will receive $218.72 

    Each student was required to sign an acknowledgement that the funds would be used for acceptable expenses. Once signed, the student was required to pick up the check from the WCC office.




    Any instructions, directions, or guidance provided by the institution to students concerning the emergency financial aid grants.


     See the required student acknowledgement form in the far right column.


     HEERF Grant Student Acknowledgement

    Updated 06/24/2020