• Marketing Education
    (Open to Grades 11 & 12 Only) 
    The following classes are offered in the Marketing Program.  This program is a two year program for juniors and seniors.  DECA is a part of the Marketing Program.  DECA enhances the co-curricular education of members through a comprehensive learning program that integrates into classroom instruction, applies learning, connects to business and promotes competition.


    Marketing I (Syllabus located in Course Expectations Tab)

    (Grade 11-12) (1 unit)
    Marketing is the introductory course in the Marketing Education Program offered to students who are interested in entry-level employment in the field of marketing. Students will be exposed to an overview of marketing including the basic concepts and theories fundamental to this field.  Presentations of work will be done regularly both in the classroom and outside the classroom. DECA, An Association of Marketing Students, is an important component of the program offering students the opportunity to participate in competitive event, leadership, civic, and social activities. All students enrolled in the Marketing Education Program may join DECA, and are encouraged to participate in DECA activities. Marketing I is designed to increase the student's knowledge of the following topics:
    • Money Handling
    • What is Marketing?
    • Economics
    • Selling
    • Sales Promotions
    • Marketing Math
    • Product Service Management
    • Communication
    • Career and Professional Development

    Marketing  II (Syllabus located in Course Expectations Tab)

    (Grade 12) (1 unit)

    Prerequisite: Marketing II students must be a senior and have completed or be enrolled in Marketing I.  Marketing is the process of determining consumer needs and directing products and services to meet those needs.

    In today's market-driven economy there are numerous career opportunities available to those students who have a marketing background. These are one-year classes designed for high school juniors and seniors who are interested in the business or marketing fields. Marketing II is open only to seniors who have successfully completed or are concurrently enrolled in Marketing I. Marketing II is designed to increase the student's knowledge of the following topics:

    • Economic Systems
    • Global Marketing
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Ethics in Marketing
    • Channel Management
    • Pricing
    • Integrated Marketing Communications
    • Marketing Information Management
    • Interpersonal Skills

    Business Management (Syllabus located in Course Expectations Tab)
    (Grade 12) (1 unit)

    Prerequisite: Marketing I and teacher approval only. Business Management is a one-year training program designed for high school seniors who have successfully completed Marketing I and have a recommendation from the Marketing instructors. Students taking this class will learn the skills necessary to manage a business. This class also allows time for completion of written competitive event projects for DECA competitions.

    Cooperative Education (Coop)
    (Grade 11/12) (1 unit)

    Prerequisite: A senior with concurrent enrollment with Marketing I or II and teacher approval. Cooperative Education is an optional add-on to the regular Marketing curriculum. It is open only to high school seniors who are concurrently enrolled in Marketing. This program allows Marketing students to move from WCC classroom experiences into a business where they can learn marketing skills first hand. They can earn up to two high school credits, release time from the high school campus and earn a wage while being employed at a Marketing related workstation.