• JROTC Awards Ceremony 2021

  • Class of 2021 A Year in Review

  • Convocation 2020 - Armed Exhibition Drill Team

  • 2019 - 2020 Award Ceremony

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    Award Presentations 0:58

    Senior Recognitions 7:47

    2020-21 Chain of Command: 23:58

    Conclusion & Awards Pick Up: 24:53

  • 2019-2020 JROTC Year in Review

    Thanks to Cadet Captain Kayla Bergman!




5th Annual JROTC Raider Challenge
  • JCLC 2019



Degrees and Certifications:

The JROTC Mission

"To Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens!"
The Waynesville JROTC Tiger Battalion is designated by US Army Cadet Command as an Honor Unit with Distinction, which is the highest level a unit can achieve in JROTC.  We have been designated an Honor Unit with Distinction every year since the program was created in Waynesville in 1994.  Our Drill Team, Color Guard, and Raider Team are Nationally Ranked.  We have over 275 Cadets in our program, with three instructors.  Our goal is to help each Cadet maximize his/her potential and for them to do their very best in every endeavor (Scholar, Athlete, Leader).  
 JROTC is a HS elective.  Students can take JROTC for all 4 years.  Cadets receive .05 elective credit per semester (4 credits over 4 years).  Cadets receive .05 credit for PE (Physical Education) upon successful completion of the LET-2 year and the approval of their instructor.  Cadets also meet their Missouri DESE Personal Finance requirement during their LET-3 year, subject to successfully passing the MO DESE Personal Finance Exam.
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Degrees and Certifications:

The JROTC Vision

"Providing a quality citizenship, character, and leadership development program, while fostering partnerships with communities and educational institutions."



Degrees and Certifications:

Our Programs

At Waynesville High School/Waynesville Career Center we offer:
LET-1 (Freshman) thru LET- 4 (Senior Programs).  We average 250-300 Cadets in our Tiger Battalion.
1.  Typical Activities:  As an example, these are some of the events we have each school year.
Battalion Formation
- Cadet Military Ball
- Promotion Boards x 4
- Parades x 2
- Service Projects
- Color Guard support to many school, local, area and regional events
- 5 - 10 Drill Team and Raider Meets/Competitions around the midwest region
- US Army Cadet Command Drill Nationas in Richmond, VA
- US Army Cadet Command Raider Nationals in Molena, GA
Field Trips to Fort Leonard Wood
- Summer Camp -JCLC
- Cadet Awards Ceremony
- Cadet Staff Ride
- The Cadet Challenge (Fitness Tests)
2.  Our Special Teams - Integrated Curricular Activities (Practice Daily and Compete on Weekends):
- Drill Team - Nationally Ranked (Armed and Unarmed Regulation, Exhibition and New Cadet)
- Color Guard - Nationally Ranked (Armed and Unarmed)
- Raider Team - Nationally Ranked
- JLAB Team - Regionally Ranked
* We Do Not offer Air Rifle. 
  • Waynesville Armed Exhibition Drill Team
  • JCLC 2018 - Missouri Military Academy

  • Kansas City Chiefs Color Guard - 11 August 2017

Weekly JROTC Schedule

    Our Weekly Schedule Rhythm is as follows:  (Classes start at 0730; Wednesday is late start 0800) 
    We have 7 x approx 45 minute class periods each day.
    1. Monday: Academics/Curriculum
    2. Tuesday: Academics/Curriculum
    3. Wednesday: Uniform Day / Uniform Inspection/Additional Instruction
    4. Thursday: Academics/Project Time/Additional Instruction
    5. Friday: Physical Fitness 
    Drill Team/Color Guard and Raiders generally practice Monday - Thursday after school from 2:45 - 4:30/5:00 PM (See Schedules on the www page)
    Promotion Boards are usually 4 times, after school (Wednesday - 2:45 - 4:30 PM)