• Construction Technology

    (Open to Grades 11, 12 & Adults)
    Every year more than $400 million is spent on new construction.  The construction industry employs more than five million people.

    Construction of new and commercial industrial plants and renovation and modernization of existing structures are creating tremendous need for individuals trained in the field of construction.

    Construction Technology is a two year program that focuses on the basic and advanced skills needed to be successful in the construction field.  In this program you will become familiar with safety, power tools, concrete, framing, roofing, insulation, interior finishes, and exterior finishes.

    The class participates in many school projects and community projects, such as park pavilions and metal buildings.

    Students will Learn:

    • Use of Standard Trade Tools
    • Read Blueprints and Measurements
    • Estimate Materials
    • Site Preparation
    • Concrete:  Footings, Walls & Flatwork
    • Layout a Foundation
    • Residential Framing
    • Roofing
    • Residential Exterior/Interior Finishes
    • Install Windows and Doors
    • On-The-Job Safety