• Advertising Design (Open to Grades 11, 12 & Adults) 

    Designing for business and industry.

    What is Advertising Design?

    Design is both a verb and a noun. It is the beginning as well as the end, the process and product of imagination.

    An advertising designer is a communicator: someone who takes ideas and gives them visual form so that others can understand them

    The designer uses imagery, symbols, type, color and materials-whether printed or on-screen to represent the ideas that must be conveyed; and to organize them into a unified experience that is intended to evoke a particular response.

    The advertising designer's purpose is typically defined by client-it’s service paid for by a company or other organization-rather than generated from within the designer. A advertising designer needs to be prepared to work in the business world doing presentations and other people skills. 

    Advertising Design is the skill of applying art and communication to the needs of business and industry.  This course teaches students how to arrange images and text to communicate a message for printed or digital documents.

    Learn how to apply the principles of design to create ad campaigns, logos, stationary, product packaging, t-shirt designs and much more which is used in business. Students will learn to utilize classroom computers, digital cameras, scanners, laser printers and wide-format printers along with graphic software which include Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver).

    The Advertising Design Program is a two-year training program for high school juniors, seniors and adult students.  The program is designed for students who wish to gain fundamental design and layout skills to go to work in the field of Advertising Communication.

    Students also learn the business side of the advertising industry by planning, creating and implementing a design to meet client objectives and to follow budget and time constraints.

     Job Opportunities Include:

    • Advertising • Advertising Designer • Creative/Art Director• Printing and Publishing • Multimedia Presentations • Photography 

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