• Waynesville Agricultural Education

    Mission & Vision:

    • Waynesville R-VI Mission: Prepare and empower individual lifelong learners for opportunities as citizens and leaders.
    • Waynesville R-VI Vision:   Excel as a student-centered community of learners that embraces diversity, collaboration, and innovation.
    • Waynesville Career Center Mission:  Waynesville Career Center provides a relevant learning environment using critical thinking, technology, and career skills to prepare students for success 
    • Waynesville Career Center Vision: Waynesville Career Center is committed to developing a diverse and skilled workforce of lifelong learners. 
    • FFA Motto:  Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, and Living to Serve

    Welcome to Waynesville Agricultural Education!  Agricultural education provides a great way for students to learn about a variety of agricultural sectors, and to develop leadership skills that are needed for success in the agricultural industry.  Agricultural education utilizes a three-tier model including classroom/laboratory instruction, FFA, and a supervised agricultural experience. 

    About Agricultural Education – Nebraska Department of Education

    Classroom instruction can vary greatly from day to day, classroom time will include reading and writing in our content field, project-based learning, group projects, laboratory projects in the shop and greenhouse, and career readiness preparation.  

    Each student will be required to have a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE).  This project is designed to help students gain professional experience and learn to manage their finances and time.  A great SAE opens doors to a number of different awards and scholarships offered at the local, district, state, and national levels.  

    The National FFA Organization is the largest student organization in the nation.  The FFA started in 1928 and has been the foundation for the agriculture industry ever since.  The FFA strives to develop leadership in students and ensure that its members contribute to their communities and society as a whole. More information about the National FFA Organization can be found here.