•  Daily Homework

    Homework is a reinforcement of skills taught in the classroom. Unfinished class work will be labeled as HW (homework)  in the daily planner. Some daily homework suggestions are:

    • read library book for 15-30 minutes each night
    • review math facts for 5-10 minutes each night (+, -, x)


     Daily Folder

    Graded work will be sent home in this folder. Please review the items in the folder. Your son or daughter should return it the next day. 


    A weekly newsletter will be sent home. It will contain information pertinent to the coming week such as:

    • themes and learning objectives we are studying
    • important dates and information on events


    What can I do to help at home?

    • Read to your child and allow them to read to you
    •  Ask your child about school and take an interest in what they are learning
    •  Make sure your child gets enough sleep