• Planners

    Planners cost $4. They help students become more organized and they are a great communication between home and school. Check your child’s planner daily to keep track of homework or an occasional message from teacher.

    Daily Homework

    Homework is a reinforcement of skills taught in the classroom. Unfinished class work will be labeled as HW (homework)  in the daily planner. Some daily homework suggestions are:

    • read library book for 15-30 minutes each night
    • review math facts for 5-10 minutes each night (+, -, x)
    • study Spelling words


    Monday Folder

    Graded work will be sent home in this folder on Mondays. Sign the signature sheet in the folder to indicate you received and have reviewed the items in the folder. Your son or daughter should return it on Tuesday. 


    A weekly newsletter will be sent home in the Monday Folder. It will contain information pertinent to the coming week such as:

    • themes and learning objectives we are studying
    • Spelling words
    • the AR reading percent guide for that week to make sure your child is able to make their AR goal on time


    What can I do to help at home?

    • Read to your child and allow them to read to you
    •  Ask your child about school and take an interest in what they are learning
    •  Make sure your child gets enough sleep