Waynesville R-VI School District Wellness Goals

    The Waynesville R-VI School District is committed to the wellness of their staff and students. Wellness is a focus area for the district Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) and the  following action steps were established by the district CSIP committee regarding wellness:
    • Research and implement a consistent and age appropriate bully education curriculum for grades K-12.
    • Research, develop, and implement suicide prevention and awareness lessons for grades 5-12.
    • Provide growth and development lessons for students in grades 4-7.
    • Develop healthy habits curriculum.
    • Partner w/ Opaa! to develop healthy habit awareness program for students.
    • Review current PE curriculum to identify areas where relevant wellness standards and/or mindfulness can be implemented.
    • Provide healthy habits training and lessons to all staff through our School Based Health Clinic.
    • Meet quarterly with district wellness committee.
    • Review staff wellness programs.
    • Evaluate and expand the use of report card indicators for emotional awareness.
    • Provide Trauma Informed training to staff.
    • Review current student mental health needs and resources needed to address those needs.