Ways to Improve Concentration for Kids with ADHD

  • Getting kids with ADHD to concentrate can be both challenging for parents and teachers. Below you will find suggested strategies you can do as a parent to help improve your child's concentration.

    • Provide structure: have clear, simple rules and routines.
    • Be organized: have a homework spot, pack your child's backpack at night and have it ready to go, pick out your child's clothes before going to bed.
    • During homework allow your child short breaks and a snack. Break larger projects into smaller ones so the assignment is doable.
    • Be persistent: it may require several trials before you see progress.
    • Add music to the environment: you can find numerous choices of concentration music on Youtube.
    • Allow your child to stand at a tall table for homework, or give them a bouncy ball to sit on.
    • Let him/her get physical: hop or skip to the letters of spelling words. A stationary bike would work too. Why not let them ride the bike while memorizing vocabulary words :)
    • Chant math facts.
    • Use music to enhance memory: allow your child to sing their spelling words or beat the syllables using drum sticks.
    • Clap or march to the spelling of each word.
    • Use colored pencils to write with.
    • Puzzles boost concentration: don't forget word games and logic puzzles too.
    • Give your child a stress ball to squeeze or a fidget to spin as they work.
    • Give them gum or a candy necklace to chew on.
    • Allow them to doodle as you read a story to them...great for memory.
    • Lavender is a relaxing scent: burn lavender candles, or make lavender rice and place it in the homework area.

    Most importantly, stay calm and parent on!