• Art 7/8

    Melissa Lynch

    Room 135





    Welcome to Art 7/8

    In this class you will learn how to creatively problem solve and tackle artistic challenges, while learning lifelong skills such as persistence, reflection, observation, and self-critique. As this is an introductory class you will begin the course with learning the basics and tackling new medias and more challenging techniques as the semester progresses.



    • be on time
    • bring your pencil and sketchbook each day
    • help with clean up daily (even if it’s not your mess!)
    • respect yourself, your peers (this includes opinions and property!) and school staff & property
    • take responsibility for your own learning ie. ask for help on techniques or ideas, stay focused during work time given


    Course Objectives

    In Fine Arts, students will acquire a solid foundation which includes:

    • process and techniques for the production, exhibition or performance of one or more of the visual arts.
    • the principles and elements of different art forms.
    • the vocabulary to explain perceptions about and evaluations of the visual arts.
    • interrelationships of visual and performing arts and the relationships of the arts to other disciplines.
    • visual and performing arts in historical and cultural contexts.


    Grading/Retesting Policy

    50% of the semester grade comes from summative exams and/or summative projects.

    50% of the semester grade will be derived from homework, projects, quizzes, and formative assessments.

    All teachers will allow students to turn in work up to the summative exam.

    After the original due date, late work can only earn a max of 70% credit.

    *No work may be turned in for credit after the summative exam.

    Allowing retesting on summative exams:

    1. All students may re-test 1 time per unit earning the higher of the two grades if:
      • the student has turned in all missing assignments on the day of the retest
      • attended at least one academic assistance/HERO Intervention
      • students have 1 week after they receive their summative assessment score, to retest.
    1. Project-based classes may allow students to fix or re-do summative projects, if turned in on the due date.
    1. All re-take exams must be a different form of the original assessments.


    Commonly Asked Questions

     I know I can do better...can I resubmit work?

    We learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes, and a willingness to admit we have room to grow is the hallmark of any great artist. If you get a grade back, you’re not happy with, don’t stress out - simply consider its critique or ask for help, then resubmit! Even an ‘F’ can jump to an ‘A” if you’re willing to give it the time and effort it demands!


    I’m not the best artist...will I struggle?

    The question, I’m afraid is a wrong one. Artistic skill is learned, not inherited (& science will back me up). No one enters a math class expecting to receive a grade for what they already know & an ‘F’ if they don’t understand the next semester’s worth of material they haven’t yet heard about. In art class, one is graded on the application of fundamentals covered in class & their work ethic, NOT personal style or skill level.


    Supply List

    • Graph Paper Notebook
    • 1 package of Wooden Pencils
    • White Eraser
    • Pencil Sharpener
    • Colored Pencils
    • 2 extra fine point Sharpies (black)
    • 2 fine point Sharpies (black)
    • Pencil Box or Bag
    • 3-prong folder
    • 1 roll of masking tape


    Academic Assistance/Open Studio

    Wednesdays from 2:45-3:30