• Waynesville Middle School

    Course Syllabus


    Teacher: RoLynda Fitzsimmons     rfitzsimmons@waynesville.k12.mo.us

    Course Title and Grade: 8th grade Reading Lab

    Team: 8th grade 


    Course Objectives: 

    This is a supplemental reading class in conjunction with the regular ELA class. It is an onlinelearning program called iLit that will provide additional practice in the following priority areas:

    *Students will read and comprehend fiction and nonfiction texts on grade level. 

    *Students will analyze literature and literary elements within the chosen text. 

    *Students will fully participate in collegial discussions on a a given text.


    Classwork, Tests, Projects: 

    Since this is an online learning program, the work will be completed on their chromebooks during class time. Daily work, tests, and projects will follow the prescribed outline of the iLit program. Notices for tests and project deadlines will be posted in advance.


    Classroom expectations: 

    Be Respectful. Be Responsible. Be a Learner. 

    Students must be in the classroom before the tardy bell rings, prepared with paper and a pencil.  Students must be respectful of the teacher and their peers at all times. If the student doesn’t abide by the basic rules above for all minor offenses, the teacher will: (1) talk to the student privately,  (2) have the student complete a Think Sheet (3) contact the parent, (4) submit an office referral. All major offenses will be referred to a principal. Students must turn in all completed assignments legibly and correctly on or before the due date. It is the student’s responsibility to ask the teacher for assignments when absent. Students have two days to make up those assignments. Students should check their grades in Canvas weekly to ensure that all work is submitted. If the student needs academic assistance, he must inform the teacher (and his/her parent) that he/she will be staying after school for help. The student must also arrange transportation home at 3:45 p.m.


    Grading Policy: 

    All classes with the exception of high school credit courses (Foreign Language and Algebra) will be weighted 50% for Summative Assessments (including summative projects) and 50% for Formative Assessments and practice work.  High school credit courses will be weighted 70% for Summative Assessments (including summative projects) and 30% for Formative Assessments and practice work.  Late assignments will receive deductions per the teacher’s guidelines.  Practice work and homework are important to the success of students in the class and are meant to prepare students for assessments, not measure a student’s understanding of the standard.    100-90=A, 89-80=B, 79-70=C, 69-60=D, and 59 and below=F.  Check eSchool every Tuesday for last week’s grades 




    Students must be in attendance every day. A student may only have 5 unexcused absences a semester. Upon returning from an absence, students must submit a written excuse to the attendance secretary. On the 4th tardy students receive a warning. The 5th tardy is detention. Detention is held on Wednesday after school.  If a student is absent they will have the same amount of days to complete the homework or practice upon their return.  Students can complete homework with me during my Academic Assistance hour on Monday afternoons (2:45-3:45) or pick up the work and take it home. 





    Additional Supplies:

    Students will be given a three-ring binder to borrow to keep track of all class handouts and any paper assignments given. The binder will stay in the classroom. Papers inside binder can be taken home as needed.


    Online Resources: 

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