• Waynesville Middle School 7th Grade Science Syllabus


    Teacher: Sarah Seibert   Email: sseibert@waynesille.k12.mo.us        Room: 100      Phone: 573-842-2550 ext. 3355

    Course Title and Grade: Science 7th grade

    Team: The Grey-T Team!!!

    Conference Period: 1st hour-  M, T, Th, F  7:30-8:00 & Wednesday- 8:00-8:30

    Academic Assistance: Thursday  2:45-4:00 (parent pick-up or check into WIN) 



    Unit #0-Science Basics

    • I can understand and explain the four disciplines of science (physical, earth and space, life, engineering).
    • I can accurately use science tools to measure quantities and gather data (mass, length, time, liquid volume, temperature).
    • I can explain and apply the terms precision and accuracy.
    • I can interpret and create simple line graphs.


    Unit #1- Engineering Design

    • I can analyze a problem and determine how it will be judged (criteria) and what the limitations are (constraints) that will impact any solution I determine. Further, I can analyze the impact my solution may have on the human population.


    • I can  develop a model of my proposed solution that can be tested and analyzed to create the best product for the final solution. 


    Unit #2- Force and Motion

    • I can plan and conduct an investigation to provide evidence that the change in an object’s motion depends on the sum of the forces on the object and the mass of the object.


    • I can apply physics principles to design a solution that minimizes the force of an object during a collision and develop an evaluation of the solution.


    Unit #3- Electromagnetism 

    • I can identify devices that use electric and magnetic forces; electromagnets, electric motors and generators.


    • I can analyze data and determine the strength of electric and magnetic forces by the turns of wire and /or number of magnets.


    Unit #4- Solar System- Gravity & Orbits 

    • I can develop and use a model to describe the role of gravity in the motions within galaxies and the solar system.


    • I can analyze and interpret data to determine scale properties of objects in the solar system.


    • I can create and analyze a graph to use as evidence to support the claim that gravitational interactions depend on the mass of interacting objects.


    Unit #5-SUN-EARTH-MOON Unit


    • I can develop and use a model of the Earth-sun-moon system to explain the cyclic patterns of lunar phases and eclipses of the sun and moon.


    • I can develop and use a model of the Earth-sun system to explain the cyclical pattern of seasons, which includes the Earth’s tilt and directional angle of sunlight on different areas of Earth across the year.


    Classroom expectations: 

    Tiger Traits: Be Respectful. Be Responsible. Be a Learner. 

    Students must be in the classroom before the tardy bell rings, prepared with the textbook, paper and a pencil.  Students must raise their hands to speak and be respectful of the teacher and their peers at all times. If the student doesn’t abide by the basic rules above for all minor offenses, the teacher will: (1) talk to the student privately,  (2) have the student complete a Think Sheet (3) contact the parent, (4) submit an office referral. All major offenses will be referred to a principal. Students must turn in all completed assignments legibly and correctly on or before the due date. It is the student’s responsibility to ask the teacher for assignments when absent. Students have one day for every day missed to make up those assignments. 


    Canvas Info: 

    Students should check their grades in Canvas weekly to ensure that all work is submitted. 

    Parents can download the Canvas App that explains how to link to the students Canvas account.  Your student will be able to generate an access code directly from their Canvas account. Please use that code to link together and see grades, assignments, announcements, etc. 



    Students must be in attendance every day. If a student is absent they will have the same amount of days to complete the homework or practice upon their return.  Please attend academic assistance or HERO time to get work missed during absence and turned in. 



    • Any work not finished in class, such as lab sheets, journal entries, worksheets, projects, current events, vocabulary, etc. 
    • Current Events (1 per unit) 
    • Projects (deadlines and rubrics will be included)
    • Journal Questions (JQ’s) (dailly). 


    Grading/ ReTesting Policy for 2019-20 School Year

    • 50% of the semester grade comes from summative exams and/or summative projects.
    • 50% of the semester grade will be derived from homework, projects, quizzes, and formative assessments.
      • All teachers will allow students to turn in work up to the summative exam.
      • After the original due date, late work can only earn a max of 70% credit.

    *No work may be turned in for credit after the summative exam.

    Allowing retesting on summative exams:

    1. All students may re-test 1 time per unit earning the higher of the two grades if:
    2. The student has turned in all missing assignments on the day of the retest
    3. Attended at least one academic assistance/HERO Intervention
    4. Students have 1 week after they receive their summative assessment score, to retest.
    5. Project-based classes may allow students to fix or re-do summative projects, if turned in on the due date.
    6. All re-take exams must be a different form of the original assessments.





    Project supplies as needed, 1 composition book, writing tools (pencil, blue/black pens, highlighter)

    Materials to purchase and send to be left and used in classroom-glue sticks, tissues, markers, colored pencils, post-it notes, highlighters.


    Online Resources: 

    • Canvas
    • Website Book- https://www.pearsonrealize.com 
    • Waynesville Middle School library
    • You Tube-videos that go with content
    • Current Events- Newsela.com, Scholastic.ScienceWorld.com, Time news for Kids assigned with each unit


    Things I believe:

    • All students can learn.  We will work together so all will succeed.
    • All students need love and a feeling of belonging.  I care how my students do and that they feel a part of my class.
    • No person is perfect all the time.  We must learn from mistakes.


    Parental Responsibilities:

    • Contact me or use Canvas (updated by Tuesdays) to track grades and communicate.
    • Ask to see your student’s work and what they are learning each day.
    • Provide supplies for projects and class.


    Help Me Help You:


    Student: List one strength you have in science/school: ______________________________________________________________________


                     List something you struggle with in science/school: __________________________________________________________________

    Parent:  List one strength your student has in science/school: _________________________________________________________________


                    List something your student struggles with in science/school: _________________________________________________________


    Signature Required:

    I have read and I understand the syllabus for 7th grade Science.  I will follow the guidelines, apply myself, and be the BEST student/scientist I can be!!!



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