• How to Help Your Student Succeed


    Dear Parents and Legal Guardians!

    Please, read the following advice on what you can do to assist your student's learning within the course. Parents' involvement often makes all the difference in the learner's progress!

    Studying at home

    There will not be much homework in the form of exercises or worksheets, but students are expected to regularly review and practice the material we cover, in order to master it. Just 50 minutes in class would not provide enough practice time. Please, ensure that your student is spending some time on German, and arrange for a quiet study space conducive to learning.

    Extra help

    Please, contact the teacher in if you become aware that your student is beginning to have difficulties with the material. I will do my best to catch such tendencies as well, but with about 200 students, some of whom may be too shy to voice their concerns or troubles, it may not happen as early as I would like. Parents can be of great help, as they know their children best. Together, we can find a solution:

    Students can always receive academic assistance. Students will be able to approach the teacher for consultations, make-up work, and any additional help on weekdays, 2:35-3:35, Tiger Time, and the conference hour. I may also be available before school upon timely request. Please, make or have your student make an appointment with me beforehand to allow for planning enough time for each individual learner attending the academic assistance and for preparing necessary materials.

    Most assignments can be retaken or corrected to improve students' grades. There is absolutely no reason to accept a failing result. Please, review the make-up policy under Course Requirements in the syllabus.

    Necessary materials

    Please, ensure that your student has necessary supplies when he/she arrives in the classroom. The list is provided on the Syllabi page.

    Consider participating in classroom supply drive: if a student donates one school supply item to the classroom closet, he/she will gain access to the collective materials in it for the rest of the year. The list of needed items is posted below and will be updated regularly as the demand changes. Students can join at any time, but the earlier they decide to do so, the larger will be their range of options on what donations are accepted, and the sooner they can use the classroom closet for supplies.

    Needed items:

    • lined paper
    • pencils
    • black or blue pens
    • colored pens
    • markers
    • erasers
    • white-out
    • paper folders
    • poster paper
    • rulers
    • composition notebooks

    Participation is voluntary. No grade points will be awarded for participation.

    Student Absences

    If your student is to be absent, please have them contact me to find out what they are missing and how they can catch up. Students will NOT be excused from class work on the day of their return just because they did not know about it - it is their responsibility to take steps to find out. Exceptions will be made to prolonged medical absences and serious family emergencies when contacting the teacher was deemed not possible.

    Student Pick-up

    Please provide a timely pick-up for your student after field trips, clubs, academic assistance, and extracurricular activities, when regular school buses are not available. Students are frequently unwilling to attend any of those sessions due to not wanting to wait for a long time in the parking lot. Teacher supervision will be provided, but it is still not fun!

    Classroom rules

    Please review the course requirements and policies on the Syllabi page carefully. This can eliminate many misunderstandings and frustrations. Moreover, parents and teachers need to be on the same page as to what standards students are held up to. Your student will bring home a syllabus with those policies and course description for you to sign. Your signature means that you have read and accepted the course policies.

    Contact Ms. McFadden with any questions, concerns, and comments

    Email (preferred): omcfadden@waynesville.k12.mo.us. Phone: (573) 842-2400, ext. 3155.

    A prompt response to your message will be issued.


Last Modified on October 12, 2018