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      Mr. Samual Hall, Teacher  

    My life, though rather simple by most measurements, is one fashioned by extraordinary experiences throughout my lifetime. It is one that has been blessed to have known the influence of loving parents, educators, coaches, and the mentoring of Marine Corps’ leaders. Together, their influence, direction, and support have molded an otherwise simple man into the person I am today. I was born in Saint Charles, Missouri, to parents who greeted my arrival with all the hope and enthusiasm that is characteristic of all parents. Of all the lessons of life my parents taught me, the one that remains most prominent is the idea that only a person’s character was subject to judgment. From my mother, a lifetime learner, I learned the value of education and the enlightenment it brings. My father, who never spoke an unkind word, taught me humility, honor, and the peace that can be found in service to others.

    In high school, I was an average student and an athlete who excelled in several sports. Graduating from Fort Zumwalt High School in 1983, I joined the United States Marine Corps where I served until 2005 retiring as a Master Gunnery Sergeant (E-9). There I learned the lessons in life imparted to me by my parents provided a foundation for an existence that I could be proud of.  The Marine Corps became a world that I excelled in and one marked with a meteoric rise in position and responsibility. As a Marine, and especially while with the recruiting service, I was heartened by those I encountered. Many individuals lifted my soul with their stories of struggling with the circumstances of their daily existence; they became for me a driving source of inspiration.  

    My children are my proudest accomplishment, all of whom possess unique talents and personalities. In May of 2017 I graduated from Drury University, Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in History and Secondary Education Certification. I am currently completing my Biology degree and my certification in Special Education.  


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