• Waynesville Middle School (WMDS) Club TIGER
    The Waynesville Middle School Club TIGER is a safe, fun, and academically engaging environment for students to spend their time after school is dismissed in the afternoons. Located in Waynesville Middle School, students in 6th through 8th grade can participate in a variety of self-selected activities. 
    Academic support is a benefit of the Club TIGER program, providing students with the opportunity to complete homework and make-up missing assignments. Academic support is provided by educators and tutors who are available to clarify on assignments and lessons, facilitating a positive and productive atmosphere. Students may also attend Academic Assistance where they can receive extra time and help from their individual teachers.
    After academic obligations are met, students can participate in a variety of club activities. WMDS Club TIGER has new clubs yearly that are managed by Waynesville AmeriCorps Members, but are ultimately guided by the new ideas of students. 
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Snack in a Pack
Snack in a Pack (SIAP) provides supplemental food packs over weekends and holiday breaks for students who may otherwise go hungry while not in school. Snack in a Pack is managed by the Waynesville AmeriCorps VISTA program. 
SIAP provides weekly meals for approximately 325 students within the Waynesville R-VI School District. SIAP is a 100% donation-driven program that relies on the generosity of its partners, donors, and the multitude of community volunteers to continue its mission to feed hungry children and improve educational success.
The cost to support each student receiving a pack is approximately $200 for the school year. With the current number of student recipients, the total cost to feed all of them is approximately $65,000 each year. Snack in a Pack is always in need of donations (monetary or in-kind) and the help of volunteers interested in supporting the program. 
Schools served by the program include:
Williams Early Childhood Center
East Elementary 
Freedom Elementary
Partridge Elementary
Thayer Elementary
Wood Elementary
Waynesville Sixth Grade Center
Waynesville Middle School
Waynesville High School
Waynesville Career Center