• 6th-12th grade WIN After School Program Goals
    WIN Goal:
    Our goal at  WIN (What I Need) is to provide high standards of education, tutoring, and a foundation of knowledge. This will help all our students attain proficiency or better in: reading/language arts, mathematics, enrichment activities, and intramural sports.
    AYPYN Goals
    •  AYPYN is designed to locate and support the development of high quality and high interest after school spaces in the communities where large concentrations of Army families reside.
    • Definition of high quality and high interest after school programs: A program that provides a variety of activities (academics included) that youth choose to be involved in and find enjoyable and/or rewarding. The program must provide youth the opportunity to have positive and meaningful interactions with adults.
    • All youth, regardless of military affiliation, are welcome to join AYPYN funded after school programs
    • As part of the Army Resiliency Project, the AYPYN program strives to build resilience in our military youth through the funding of after school programs and through the education and training of afterschool program staff.