•  Freedom Club TIGER (K-5)
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    Freedom Club TIGER Afterschool Program provides  students in grades K-5 an opportunity to maximize their potential and learn through discovery. Club TIGER lets students explore and develop their talents, while gaining critical thinking skills for learning through the delivery of high quality, hands-on, project-based programs in a variety of content areas. Key content areas include arts, science, sports, technology and communications.
    Freedom Club TIGER  
    Freedom Club TIGER
    Club TIGER engages skilled professionals as instructors who support student growth and development in an intentional and meaningful way. By aligning and maximizing the resources of an extensive network of public and private partnerships, Club TIGER is the result of coordinated support and sustainable investment in youth development through school and community based programming. At Freedom Club TIGER, there is a strong focus on continuous quality improvement, data-driven and cost-effective decisions strengthening skills to encourage improved academic outcomes and positive impacts for students, schools and the communities served.
     Freedom Club TIGER Administrator 
    Administrator: Denise Holtzscher
    Email: dholtzscher@waynesville.k12.mo.us
    Phone: (573) 842-2145