• Waynesville R-VI School District 

    From pre-school for children with special needs to dual credit and AP college courses for high school students, the Waynesville R-VI School District serves each individual students. Known for its outstanding schools, Waynesville students perform above average on most state and national tests.   

    About our district: 

    Patriot Day Sixth Grade Center  We're Patriotic 

    - This community is 1 of 10 communities in the United States to be designated in 2016 as a “Great American Defense Community” for providing unwavering support to service members and military families.

    - Our school colors are orange and black and our catch-phrase is "Waynesville R-VI ... where the orange and the black unite with the red, white and blue."


    Military families are the majority

    -  60% of our 5,800 students are military dependents; 76% are military impacted.Soldiers and students talking together


    Our students are smart

    - Waynesville R-VI scored 97.5% on the State of Missouri’s 2017-18 Annual Performance Report. (The APR for the 2017-18 school year is the most recent one available for APR scores from the State of Missouri.) 


    Physics students  Our students are diverse

    - Our diverse student population that achieved a 97.5% on the State of Missouri’s Annual Performance Report includes:

        • 57% White

                                        • 15% Black or African American 

                                        • 11% Hispanic or Latino

                                        • 12% Multi-racial 

                                        •   5% Asian, American Indian or Alaska Native


    Thayer car races  Our teachers are awesome

    - Home of the Tigers and the best teachers and staff, Waynesville R-VI School District is the second largest employer in Pulaski County. Far above the focus on academic achievement, our teachers CARE about their students. 


    Best in the Conference

    - Ranking among the top in the Ozarks Conference in academic achievement, but with one of the lowest tax levies in the state, Waynesville R-VI School District is a great investment.

    Did you know  Low taxes -- the lowest in the conference  

    - Waynesville R-VI operates one of the lowest tax levies in the State of Missouri at $2.95.


    International class  

                                     - More than 30 different languages are spoken by students in                                         the Waynesville R-VI School District


    94% graduation rate 

    - Did you know that high school graduates earn $500,000 more during their lifetimes on average than a non-high school graduate and that 94% of Waynesville’s students graduate from high school – above the state’s average of 88.6%?