• Waynesville Middle School

    Course Syllabus


    Teacher: Kelly Howley   Email: khowley@waynesville.k12.mo.us   Room: 131   Phone: 573-842-2550 ext. 3337

    Course Title and Grade: 7th & 8th grade Specialized Instruction

    Team: White   Conference hour- 6th hour- M & F- 12:39-1:33, T & TH- 12:56-1:43, Wed.- 12:49-1:38

     Course Objectives: Objectives will be presented in the relevancy to life skills.

    Communication Arts

    • I can use a variety of reading strategies to improve reading and comprehension skills.
    • I can determine how two or more story elements are related.
    • I can compare the structure of two or more texts.
    • I can write to share information supported by details.


    • I can match two similar geometric shapes that are proportional in size and the same orientation.
    • I can match two-dimentional shape with a three dimensional shape that shares an attribute.
    • I can recognize angles that are acute, obtuse, and right.
    • I can compare quantities represented as decimals in real-world examples to tenths and hundredths.

    Social Studies:

    • I can construct maps.
    • I can use maps, graphs, timelines, charts and diagrams to interpret, draw conclusions and make predictions.
    • I can evaluate the importance of the discovery, exploration and early settlement of America.


    • I can compare amounts/measurements.
    • I can use quantitative and qualitative data as support for reasonable explanations (conclusions).
    • I can communicate the procedures and results of investigations and explanations through: oral presentations, drawings, maps, data tables, graphs and writing.

    Classwork, Tests, Projects:

    • Pre and Post-Assessments will be given for each unit. Pre-tests will not count as a grade. 
    • Projects will be done in class, individually and in small groups

     Classroom expectations:

    Be Respectful. Be Responsible. Be a Learner.

    Students must be in the classroom before the tardy bell rings, prepared with a pencil. Students must raise their hands to speak and be respectful of the teacher and their peers at all times. If the student doesn’t abide by the basic rules above for all minor offenses, the teacher will: (1) talk to the student privately, (2) have the student complete a Think Sheet (3) contact the parent, (4) submit an office referral. All major offenses will be referred to a principal. Students must turn in all completed assignments legibly and correctly on or before the due date. It is the student’s responsibility to ask the teacher for assignments when absent. If the student needs academic assistance, he must inform the teacher (and his/her parent) that he/she will be staying after school for help. The student must also arrange transportation home at 4:00pm or ride the afterschool bus at 5:15pm if he stays for academic assistance.

     Homework: Homework will be given to reinforce content, or to complete daily assignments that were not completed in class or during HERO Time.

     Grading Policy:  Grading/ Re-Testing Policy for 2019-20 School Year

    50% of the semester grade comes from summative exams and/or summative projects.

    50% of the semester grade will be derived from homework, projects, quizzes, and formative assessments.

    All teachers will allow students to turn in work up to the summative exam.
    After the original due date, late work can only earn a max of ​70% credit.

    (All information regarding grading must be found on the collaborative syllabus) *No work may be turned in for credit after the summative exam.

    Allowing retesting on summative exams:
    1. All students may re-test 1 time per unit earning the higher of the two grades if:

    a. the student has turned in all missing assignments on the day of the retest
    b. attended at least one academic assistance/HERO Intervention
    c. students have 1 week after they receive their summative assessment score, to retest.

    2. Project-based classes may allow students to fix or re-do summative projects, if turned in on the due date.

    3. All re-take exams must be a different form of the original assessments.


    Students must be in attendance every day. A student may only have 5 unexcused absences a semester. Upon returning from an absence, students must submit a written excuse to the attendance secretary. On the 4th tardy students receive a warning. The 5th tardy is detention. Detention is held on Wednesday after school.