• What is PBL?
    PBL stands for Problem-Based Learning. This learning approach includes cross-curricular integration, increased high-level technology usage, and group collaboration as students work to solve real-world problems that are relevant to them. Students will also publish their final product/solution in some way, often through formal presentations to peers, teachers, and community members.
    Why PBL?
    Studies have proven that the Problem-Based Learning approach increases student engagement, student ability to work collaboratively and creatively with their peers, and academic achievement. 
    Technology note: 
    We are blessed to have a ratio of 1:1 technology in our building! This allows each student to have an assigned laptop that travels with him/her from class to class throughout the day. With an increase in technology usage by the students, it is imperative that students adhere to the technology usage agreements they are required to read with their parents and sign. If technology is abused or used inappropriately, it can be very difficult for students to continue the collaborative process and complete assigned tasks. Please encourage your child to treat the laptops and other technology with respect and to follow guidelines. 
    Need more info?
    Feel free to read the attached articles for more information about Problem-Based Learning. Please be aware that some literature refers to it as Project-Based Learning. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me!