Bully Goat's Bdige

Students building their bridges.
  • The students in Mrs. Kristek’s class have just completed their first STEAM project. This lesson started with the reading of a fractured fairy tale entitled, The Bully Goat Grimm.

    The students then had to work their way through the engineer’s loop to create a bridge for the Bully Goat to cross, using only marshmallows, gumdrops, spaghetti, and toothpicks.

    After the initial design the students then went back and evaluated how effective, sturdy, and crossable their bridge was.

    The next step in the engineer’s loop was to redesign the bridges to make them better, stronger, and easier for the Bully Goat to cross.

    Redesigns were made and more successful bridges were constructed.

    The last step in the process is to share the results with others. Our class has written a presentation and will share their learning with other second grade classes