• WHS Autism Program

    Waynesville High School Syllabus


    Course Title

    The Amazing Autonomous Autism Program


    Designated Grade Level




    Special Services Placement



    Special Services


    Course Duration

    2 semester



    1 unit


    Mrs. Justine Swan



    573 842 2400 x 3178





    4th Hour

    Course Information


    Required Books and Class Materials

    Face mask


    Course Description


    Language Arts

    The focus is on individualized language building utilizing materials from our Speech/ Language Pathologist, WH questions, prepositions, verbs, and vocabulary. Functional Reading, writing, and learning to fill out forms assist students in developing skills needed to ensure employment.



    This course is designed for individual needs. Learning money and how to use it, various aspects of time, how to read a calendar, analog and digital clocks and apply that information.



    Students will learn about various body systems and how they work. They will discover landforms and the relationship between them and the weather.


    Social Skills

    Focuses on individual weak areas and assists students in making better behavioral choices to achieve a positive outcome.


    Community Based Instruction (CBI)

    This class takes place 5th – 7th hours. Students will learn various skills, through the use of Task Analysis cards, to include: sweeping, vacuuming, washing clothes, washing dishes, etc. We will continue going to Loving Paws Animal Shelter once a week to learn the skills needed to volunteer or work with animals. 5th hour the students will work in Tiger Joe learning job skills by attending to the work of running a coffee shop in the high school setting.


    Grading Policy

    Per WHS and district policy, each semester grade will be divided into two categories, each with a specific weight. The categories will be broken down as follows:

    1. Assessments (70% total)
      1. You may give examples of assessments here or erase this line.
      2. First semester (70% total assessments)
      3. Second semester (60% summative, 10% EOC)
    2. Practice work (30% total)


    Daily classroom procedures

    Students will begin the day with fine motor skill work and move into gross motor skills in the Sensory Room. This room is available when needed. Students will work through their programs, and on goals while transitioning to each station for functional skill training. 


    Behavioral Expectations

    Behavior expectations and programs are individualized; each student must work on a behavior of their choosing, (with guidance). Each student will be respectful of peers and faculty, be responsible, and ready to learn.


    Approved Masks - will be worn at all times in the hallways, restrooms, and in any classrooms where social distancing cannot take place. If a student/staff are less than six feet apart a mask must be worn. All masks must be on the approved mask list. 


    *If you DO NOT wish for pictures to be taken of your student while in my classroom, please let me know. I take pictures for teaching purposes and will be videoing this year in Social Skills. I also like to share pictures with parents, your students do amazing things!




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