• Waynesville FFA History  

    Citizens of Pulaski County take pride in our heritage and traditions.  We are proud of community ties with the U.S. military, our commitment to keeping the memories of Route 66 alive, and preserve the evidence of local landmarks like the Old Stage Coach Stop and the Trail of Tears memorial park.  In the past decade, Waynesville R-6 School revived another important cornerstone of our society with the reintroduction of Agriculture Education in August 2001.  The Missouri State FFA Association issued a charter February 2002 recognizing Waynesville FFA as the 301st Missouri FFA Chapter.  

    Mr. James Rinck developed the agriculture program and served as the agriculture instructor from 2001 to 2006.  In the next five years the agriculture program witnessed growth and moved from the facilities at the Waynesville Technical Acadamy to the Waynesville Career Center. 

    Under the guidance of James Rinck the Waynesville FFA Chapter Observed its first State FFA Degree received by Steven Pope and numerous Career Development teams. 

    In 2011 the Waynesville program celebrated a 10th anniversary and welcomed its third agriculture instructor and FFA advisor.  Since July 26, 2011, Waynesville agriculture received three more State FFA Degrees (Cassandra Shultz 2012, Jordan Laughlin 2013 and Logan Long 2013), Waynesville's first American Degree received by Cassandra Shultz 2013, a reserve grand champion Missouri State Fair canned pickle exhibit 2011, a grand champion Missouri State Fair floriculture exhibit 2012, and national recognition for participating in the National FFA Chapter Challenge 2012. 

    The Waynesville FFA Chapter strives to develop opportunities at the local, state and national level while continuing to make a positive difference in the lives of Waynesville FFA members.