•    Waynesville R-VI School District    
    Guide to Accessing Standards-Based
    Grading Parent Supplements

    The Waynesville School District has transitioned to standards-based grading for grades K-6. The standards that are being assessed are aligned to the Missouri Learning Standards. The complete set of Missouri Learning Standards are available on the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s website, www.dese.mo.gov .

    The grade-level standards outline what students should know and be able to do by the end of the school year. As students progress through the year, teachers are looking for student growth towards meeting the expectations of the standards. For each standard, teachers administer a pre-test. After the pre-test, teachers provide instruction that supports the standard. There will be guided and independent activities. Teachers provide interim activities/observations that will be scored and entered in the gradebook. These interim activities/observations show the student’s progress towards meeting the standard. Following the unit of instruction, a post-test will be administered. Students who have not attained proficiency will continue to receive additional instruction tied to the standard so that the student can continue to work towards meeting the proficiency standards. The cycle of administering the pre-test, conducting interim activities/observations and administering the post-test may happen within a quarter or may be spread out over multiple quarters. At grade card time, students will be marked based on where the student currently is in respect to the expectations of the standard.

    To help parents to better understand this process we have created parent supplements for each grade level. In the parent supplement you will see each standard as well as the grade card reporting topic. Clicking on the reporting topics will provide access to the proficiency scales. The proficiency scales outline the expectations for the standard and the grading scale for the standard. The proficiency scales are used by teachers as part of the grading process.


    To access the Waynesville Standards Based Grading Parent Supplements, follow these steps.

    1-    Website: www.waynesville.k12.mo.us

    2-    Click on the “Departments” header.

    3-    Choose “Instructional Services/Curriculum”

    4-    On the menu on the left-hand side, choose “K-6 Priority Standards”.

    5-    Choose the grade level you would like to access.

    6-    Under the reporting topic column, choose the reporting topic you would like to access the proficiency scale for and click on the link. A PDF document will open and display the proficiency scale for that reporting topic/standard.