• Grading Policy

    Grading will follow the WCC grading scale. 50% of the students’ grades will consist of assessments, 40% will consist of assignments and activities, and 10% will consist of measurable work ethics.

     Make-Up Policy

    1.      It is the responsibility of the student to ask for missed assignments on when he or she returns.

    2.      It is the responsibility of the student to complete any missed assignments.  Due dates may be extended by one day for each day of absence.

    3.      Students turning in work after the specified due date will be eligible to receive 75% of the original points.

    4.      Late assignments must be turned in during the current six-week grading period.

    Academic Honesty

    Students are expected to complete their own work.  If cheating, as defined in the student handbook, is discovered, all involved parties will receive a zero on the assignment and be referred to the office for additional disciplinary actions.  Parents will be notified.