• English as a Second Language (ESL)


    The Waynesville R-VI School District offers an intensive program of instruction in English by personnel trained in recognizing language and cultural differences for students identified as Limited English Proficient (LEP). Special language support is offered for attaining English language proficiency while taking into account the students’ learning experiences. The Waynesville R-VI School District’s ESL program consists of research-based models and strategies known to increase language abilities and academic achievement in the areas of reading, writing, listening, speaking and comprehending English language. The ESL curriculum implements language instruction that develops the English language proficiency that ESL students need to meet the same academic content and achievement standards set for all students.

    Qualifying students at the high school and middle school levels are assigned to an ESL classroom for 1-2 periods per day for specific instruction to develop/improve their English language proficiency. Elementary students will be assisted in two ways. Certified ESL teachers schedule small-group instruction for students needing intensive instruction in the English language to help in the development of the language. Instruction in social language as well as academic language is provided. In addition, ESL paraprofessionals work in the regular classrooms where ESL students are placed to provide additional academic support for qualifying students.