• Creative Financing & Fun Fundraising

          Alternatives to Selling Candy for Schools, Sports, & Clubs
    During nutrition education, students learn candy & other non-nutritive foods should be limited & eaten only occasionally.  Selling less nutritious food items for fundraising contradicts nutrition messages taught in the classroom, giving the impression that schools care more about making money than about student health.  Provided below are alternatives to selling candy for fundraising.  
    Things you can sell:
    Candles Tupperware Valentine Flowers
    Greeting Cards Christmas Ornaments School Art Drawings
    Gift Wrap, Boxes, Bags Magazine Subscriptions Gift Items
     Coupon Books
     Gift Cards
     Holiday Wreaths
     Gift Certificates
     Stationary Cookbooks
     Balloon Bouquets
     School Spirit Gear
     House Decorations
     First Aid Kits
     Stuffed Animals
     Air Fresheners
     Crafts Coffee Mugs
     Football Seats
     Car Emergency Kits
     Seasonal Flags
     Pet Treats/Toys
     Brick or Stone Memorials
     Bumper Stickers
     Jewelry Christmas Trees
     Stadium Pillows
     Gift Baskets
     Newspaper Space Ad
     Music, Videos, CD's
     Flowers, Bulbs, Poinsettias
     Fruit and Nut Baskets
     Cheese/Beef Jerky
     License Plate Holder w/Logo 
     Things to Do:
    Gift Wrapping Fun Runs Walk-A-Thons
    Rent a Teen Helper
    Car Wash Bike-A-Thons
    Singing Telegrams Talent Shows
     Spelling Bee
     Scavenger Hunt
     Carnivals/Festivals Dances Workshops/Classes
     Science Fair
     Recycling Projects
     Golf Tournament
     Skate Night
     Magic Show
     Raffle Treasure Hunt
     Horseshoe Competition
     Tennis Competition
     Family/Glamour Portraits