Frequently Asked Questions

    • What items do I need to enroll my child into school?
      1. In order to enroll your student you will need to be sure to have their shot record, birth certificate and proof of residency. It is not necessary to bring other items, as we can send a request to the previous school to obtain any other information.
    • What do I need to do to change my child’s transportation plan today?
      1. You will need to send a note to school with your child or stop by in person by 2:45 p.m.  No telephone messages, faxes, or emails will be accepted.
    • What does East have to offer students who need additional support?
      1. East has set aside 30 mintues to an hour a day to assist students with their various academic needs based on assessment data. East is Title I building. Title I is a supplemental program to the regular classroom reading and math programs in our school.  For more information about Title I please contact Candace Turner at caturner(at)waynesville.k12.mo.us
      2. If you feel like your child needs additional support please contact your child’s teacher or principal at (573) 842-2150.
    • How do I deposit lunch money?
      1. You can send lunch money in an envelope labeled with your child’s first and last name and the teacher will send it to the office or you can come into the office and pick-up an envelope and deposit in the black lunch money box. You may also pay your child's lunch account on My School Bucks.
    • How can I find out my student's grades, attendance and lunch account status?
      1. Waynesville school district uses Tyler. This program can give you detailed information about your student’s grades and attendance. If you need to register for an account or would like more information please contact the Waynesville Media Center at (573) 842-2052.
    • What is the best way to communicate with my child’s teacher?
      1. Email is the most efficient way to get in touch with your child’s teacher. Each teacher also has a specified plan time and would be happy to talk with you during that hour. If you call outside of plan time a secretary will be happy to take a message and the teacher will return your call as soon as possible.
    • What is the school messenger service?
      1. School Messenger and Remind are effective messaging tools that are used to communicate information in regards to lunch charges, winter weather, and other important information for the school.
    • Can I bring in cake for birthday celebrations?
      1. If you would like to bring a prepackaged treat, that is fine. Please give your child's teacher advance notice. We recommend passing out birthday treats at lunch to protect instructional time in the classroom. We do not allow balloons etc... If birthday invitations are going to be passed out at school everyone in class must receive one.
    • Where do I park at East Elementary?
      1. Between 8:00-8:30 please do not park in the front of the building. Buses are arriving.
      2. After 8:30 the front door is the only accessible. If you are late bringing your child to school please come around to the front and sign them in. Your child will be walked to class by office staff.
      3. If you walk your child into the building in the morning, please park in the gravel lot and walk them in the parent pick up door.
      4. Please remember to exit the building by 8:30 so that our day can begin.
      5. Please do not ever park along State Road F.
      6. Between 3:00-4:00 please park in the back of the school, as buses fill the front parking lot.
      7. If you park to meet your child at the parent pick up area, please park in the gravel lot and walk down.  Staff will do their best to assure this happens for the safety of students.
      8. During whole school events, parking if frustrating. Please park in the gravel lot, or paved lot in the back, and walk up to the building. Your patience and understanding are appreciated on these days.