• Freedom Focus Points



    College and Career Readiness

    • Freedom Counselors will assess each class on career interest and present career paths to each class
    • After hearing presentations, the 4th and 5th grade students will complete a PBL about careers. The 4th and 5th grade students will present to K-3 about career paths.
    • Freedom will hold a student led career fair annually. The fair will showcase presentations of student learning about careers and involve community stakeholders by presenting on career opportunities.


    • Grade level teams will utilize unit planners to ensure all priority and supporting standards are being taugh.
    • Teams will collaboratively create quality activities that are rigorous to assess progress towards priority standards.
    • Grade level teams will use district rubrics to collaboritely score assessments

    Instructional Strategies

    • The building will focus on guided reading and utilize the instructional strategies of differentiated instruction and critical thinking
    • The Steering Team will lead action research to improve performance in areas of academic concern determined by PLC data collection
    • Library media specialists, instructional technology specialists, and instructional coaches will host quarterly meetings to provide staff with time and support of planning PBLs (4th-5th) where critical thinking, rigor, and relevance are present.

    Student Sub-Groups

    • Freedom will use MAP, Common Assessments, and STAR data to disaggregate the subgroups African American and IEP
    • Data Teams will disaggregate the collaborative initiative data to identify effective strategies that are closing the achievement gap

    Professional Development

    • We will create a checklist of essential Guided Reading components and train treachers on these. Mrs. Rawlings will provide additional PD based on observations and teacher requests
    • All buildling staff will participate in "The 7 Habits of High Effective Teens" book study and teach students the 7 habits.

    Professional Learning Community

    • Freedom will form a Steering TEam that will interpet building and team data. THe will identify areas of strength and opportunites for growth.
    • The Steering Team will review data trends across the building: Standards, Assessments, Teams, Instructional Strategies
    • Grade Level Teams will engage in collaboration using the Data Team Process to focus on learning outcomes, common assessments, intervention, and enrichment

    Diverse Learning Enviroment

    • Freedom will integrate cultural awareness activities throughout the school year
    • Freedom will host a cultural fair
    • Teachers will be instructed on how to actively Walk around, Observe, and have Conversations with Kids (WOCK) during recess time to minimize students being excluded and cliques being formed.