Waynesville High School

    Course Syllabus

    Drawing and Painting 1


    I.          Department:Art                                             Designated Grade Level: 9-12


                Prerequisite:Exploring Art                             Course Duration: One Semester


                Instructor:Ronni Jeter                                    Credits:One Half




                Email Address: rojeter@waynesvill.k12.mo.us        Phone Extension:  573-842-2400


    II.        Required books:

                Art Talk textbook to be used in class, $78.00 if not returned after checking out.


    III.       Student Supply requirements:

             (In the Seated Classroom)                       (For Virtual School at Home)

                1.  Two #2 pencils                                 1.  Noterbook paper

                2.  A pocket folder and paper                  2.  pencils

                                                                            3.  eraser

                                                                            4.  pencil sharpener

                                                                            5.  9"x12" drawiung paper sketchbook

                                                                            6.  8 pack of oil pastels or larger

                                                                            7.  8 pack of markers or larger

                                                                            8.  8 pack of colored pencils or larger

                                                                            9.  a felt tipped pen (like a Sharpie)

                                                                            10. ballpoint pen

                                                                            11. watercolor paint set of 8 colors or larger

                                                                            12. paint brushes


    If you and your family need help with these art supplies for your Virtual Classroom, please email your teacher and let them know.  Arrangements will be made for you to pick up a packet of art supplies from your school.


    IV.       Course Rationale:

     Drawing and painting provides reinforcement of 2-D processes and concepts in the visual arts as well as further development of  drawing and painting techniques.


    V.        Course Description:

    This is a secondary stage art course which is designed to acquaint students with two dimensional media.  This course will  provide students with studio experiences in the use of drawing and painting techniques through art history.


    VI.       Course Priority Standards:

    PS1.  Use of multiple approaches to begin creative endeavors.

    PS2.  Individually or collaboratively formulate new creative problems based on student's existing artworks.

    PS3.  Develop ideas for artwork that transforms the perception and experience of a particular place or object.

    PS4.  Discover how traditional and nontraditional materials impact health and demonstrate safe handling of materials and tools.

    PS5.  Through experimentation, practice and persistence, demonstrate acquisition of skills and knowledge in a chosen form.


    VII.      Grading:

    Summative Assessments will total 60% of a students final grade.  This category includes Summative Studio Projects and Final Exam.

    Formative Assessments will total 40% of a students final grade.  This category includes assignments such as vocabulary, questions, worksheets, practice drawings and quizzes. 

    Make up work and make up tests: Students will be allowed to make up work and test missed due to excused absences.  It is the students responsibility to check for missed work and make arrangements with the teacher for making this work up. Students will have the same amount of days to make up work as days of the excused absence. This work is to be done in outside of class time.

    Homework:  All book and studio work is done in the classroom.  However, if a student does not complete bookwork he or she may finish at home that night. 

    Cheating:  Any student found to be cheating will receive a 0% on the assignment for which the cheating took place.  Contact will then be made with his or her principle and guardian concerning this matter.


                Grading Scale:

                            90- 100           A

                            80- 89             B

                            70-79              C

                            60- 69             D

                            59- below       F


    VIII.    Classroom Behavior Expectations:

    All students are expected to follow the rules set forth in the student handbook and any rules I should set.  Students are expected to stay on task and not fall behind in their work.  Students who are unwilling to adapt to classroom/handbook expectations will be counseled one time for each concern by the instructor.  If the behavior continues referral to their principle will result. Basic rules and expectations are posted in the classroom.

                 ELECTRONIC DEVICES:  Only to be used after instructions are given and at the discretion of the                     teacher.  This includes while a substitute teacher is in the room.



                Rules and Expectations

    1.  Do not talk when the teacher is talking.

    2.  Do not argue with the teacher.

    3.  Be respectful to everyone and the classroom environment.

    4.  Listen to and follow all instructions.

    5.  Take care of tools and materials.

    6.  Clean up after yourself.



    1.  Verbal Warning

    2.  Conference with Teacher

    3.  Discipline referral and student to principal      






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