• LEAP K-6 are full-day centralized pull-out programs. The LEAP students spend a full day each week with the program teacher.
    In LEAP K-6, Fridays are devoted to conferencing with parents for placement, evaluations, testing and screening, as well as teacher planning. This also enables the LEAP teacher to confer with classroom teachers regarding student progress and to provide any other support needed. This scheduling is made possible by putting all weekly allotted planning time into one day each week in order to facilitate communication among teachers, parents, and other staff members for the benefit of the student.
    A class is to have a minimum of five students but not exceed 15 students. District transportation is provided to and from the students’ home schools.  
    Leap K-8 is housed at Waynesville Middle School.
    LEAP K-2: Grouping is by grade level and meeting days vary according to the number of students placed in each grade level. For kindergarten students, the first semester is devoted to school-based class visits by the LEAP teacher for identification purposes. Qualifying kindergarten students are placed in the program early in the second semester.
    LEAP 3-4: There will be two third grade and two fourth grade classes.
    LEAP 5-6: There will be three fifth grade and one sixth grade classes.
    LEAP 7-8: This is a regularly scheduled class for students to attend daily.
    LEAP 9-12 is housed at Waynesville High School.
         LEAP 9-10: This is a regularly scheduled class for students to attend daily.
         LEAP 11-12: This class is held during Tiger Time.
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