•       Learning a foreign language is not easy. It requires hard work and dedication. WHS German courses are designed for every student to be able to succeed, as long as they pus enough effort into the subject. In German classes, we will learn a lot of new words, phrases and grammatical structures that will help you understand common German and express yourselves in the language.  

         This is a highly interactive class, so active participation in all activities is necessary to acquire the material. This must and will include speaking in class. Since being able to interact in the foreign language is the main purpose of the entire course, students will not be excused from speaking. Please, do not be shy - students are all learning, and the best way to do so in a foreign language is together with other people. 

         But besides doing all that work, we will also have fun!

         We will play a variety of interactive games on a regular basis that will help you practice the language in an entertaining way. And there are rewards for winning!

         We will watch cultural videos about Germany and German-speaking countries and even a German teenage soap opera to gain a better image of Germany and to hear and imitate the practical use of the language. 

    Classroom work   class   


    We will complete projects in the classroom and online to combine your imagination with acquired knowledge of the language and modern technology for creating a product that is fun, meaningful and useful for practicing your language skills in German. For example: making posters, creating and publishing online storybooks, designing city plans and dream houses, directing a movie and producing commercials, writing comic books, making family trees, creating travel videos and even participating in a fashion show.

    projects  projects  projects  Online story book  Online story book Travel brochure  Cartoon  fashion show   fashion show  Fashion Show  fashion show  fashion show  

         And of course, let’s not forget our cultural celebrations with German food and games!

    cultural celebrations  cultural celebration  food


         In other words, prepare to work hard, but there will be many fun things to make up for it. :)

Last Modified on August 2, 2023