Mr. Eric Thornburg

Phone: (573) 842-2400 ext. 3126


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Secondary Education: Social Studies Masters: Secondary School Administration

Mr. Eric Thornburg

Welcome to Waynesville! I've been teaching since 2005, and have been at Waynesville since 2007. I have not always been a teacher.  In a prior career I managed restaurants in the belief that making money equated to a successful life.  Through that experience I learned an array of skills dealing with people and navigating the business world. More importantly I learned that true success is enjoying the work you do and working at what your pationate about. I am passionate about teaching and learning.  I work hard at providing students with the best possible learning environment, while inspiring them to enjoy History.

I look forward to working throughout the year with students, parents, and colleagues. 

If you have questions or are seeking informationthe best way to contact me is through e-mail, which


Teaching Philosophy:

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." - Confucius

My philosophy of education revolves around creating life long learners. I believe public education should reflect society, while striving to develop each individual’s
intellectual capabilities. It is important that public schools address those issues that affect society and incorporate those problems into the classroom. It is important to provide the foundations needed in order to solve those problems that students will be faced with.

Public education in the 21st century has a greater responsibility to the community and the world as a whole. In a time that is becoming ever more connected it will be critical that students learn with a worldly aspect. Public education has the opportunity to help alleviate some of the ignorance towards others and, more importantly, ingrain into our youth the tools and desire to want to eliminate the ignorance in the world around them.

It will be critical in the 21st century teacher to involve parents more directly in their child’s education. The teacher becomes the bridge to a solid future for children. Accordingly, teachers should embrace technology, creating a classroom environment that is open to all. Technology can also aid the teacher in creating a classroom that is conducive to different learning styles, thus ensuring that students are given every opportunity to learn no matter their learning style or uniqueness.

I also believe that classrooms should continue to become more inclusive. Non-typical students play a critical role in a schools development. Blending a classroom
environment will better represent the society in which we live. An inclusive classroom allows students to learn from each other, as well as learning to be compassionate and understanding of all individuals.

I have a wide range of experiences that I am hoping to incorporate into my classroom. Sharing my own life experiences will help turn book material into hands on learning. I understand the importance of communication and the power of presentation. As a teacher, I hope to first capture the minds of my students through a medium that they can relate with. Students who can analyze and compare artifacts of our past to their present world will understand the material and retain it.

Education is the most powerful tool in the evolution of the world, and I want to be an active participant. The role of an educator is to be a teacher of children not of a subject. I look forward to acquiring knowledge from my peers and working with them to create the best learning experience possible. I have always looked at my work place as extended family. I am excited about becoming a member of a family that impacts the future.