Ms. Caffey’s Schedule

    Here at East we are on a 4 day Rotation.

    Day 2 and 4.                Office hours in the morning and teach in the afternoon

    Day  1 and  3               teach in the morning and office hours in the afternoon 



    In our School Counseling Department we teach lessons in one of “The Big 5” learning targets.  

    They are: Leadership, Friendship, Feelings, Careers, Bullying.

    I use office hours for the following: Individual and group counseling, parent/team meetings and phone calls, as well as plan time for awesome units like Red Ribbon and Career week.

    My Classroom for 2019-2020 are:

                        Day 1: Heavin, Wallace, Clubb, Fuller, West

                        Day 2: Caraker, Jones, Oxendine, Myers

                        Day 3: Godwin, Boeh, Milsap, A Miller, Desouza

                        Day 4: Parrish, Weigelt, H. Miller, Connolly

    I also will work with the following Virtual Classes: Hensley, York, Kristek