Personal and Vocational Concepts
    The first half of this course is designed to introduce the student to the foundations of modern practical nursing.  In this course, the student explores the educational and professional responsibilities of the practical nurse. As the course progresses, it moves from simple information to more complex issues.  These issues deal with psychological, emotional and spiritual needs. Cultural diversities in relation to healthcare delivery are also explored. The importance of recognizing each person as a unique being and methods of developing therapeutic communication skills that allows the student to begin to understand the legal and ethical issues in healthcare and prepares them to make decisions, as graduates, in compliance with the Missouri Nurse Practice Act in order to practice as responsible nurses within their community. 
    The second half of this course introduces the student to various styles of leadership.  Emphasis is placed upon the importance of leadership skills essential in functioning professionally with clients,family, significant others and members of the health care team. Concepts of productive management are integrated in the learning process which allows the student to develop effective leadership skills. A focus is placed on problem solving and decision making techniques to prepare the student for a leadership/management role within various healthcare settings.