• We believe that the technology curriculum is embedded within the learning outcomes and activities of all content areas, and should not be
    thought of as a separate entity. Throughout Math, Science, Communication Arts, Social Studies, Fine Arts, and Physical Education,
    technology is used as a tool that facilitates and augments learning in the content areas, both as a means of instruction and as a method of
    demonstrating student learning.
    Through technology, students acquire authentic experiences that they will use in higher levels of their education and in the world of work.
    The aim of this curriculum is to assure that these skills are integrated. Our goal is to teach students to recognize when computers and
    other information technology can help them learn and solve problems and how to apply technology skills to the learning process. As you
    design your lessons keep in mind these technology performance objectives. Your building’s Media Specialist or Technology Integration
    Specialist can help you in developing assignments to meet these goals.