• Student Transfer Requests


    The Board of Education has established attendance areas for each building in the school district. Assignment of an individual student to a school will be based on the student’s legal residence.

    All students must transfer between district schools when their residence changes to a different attendance area, unless exempted by the superintendent or designee. Further, the district maintains the ability to transfer students between schools as needed.
    Students with Disabilities
    Students with disabilities may be assigned to attend a school outside the student’s attendance area by the Section 504 team or pursuant to the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). Administrators participating in these decisions will notify the admissions office as soon as the decision is made to place a student outside his/her attendance area.

    Request for Reassignment
    Request for student transfers to another school may be received at any time. Except for extenuating circumstances, transfers will be made only during the first ten days of a semester. Furthermore, transfer requests will be contingent upon the parents’ and/or guardians’ acceptance of the following conditions:
    1. Parents and/or guardians accept the responsibility to provide their child(ren)’s transportation to the receiving school. However, the principal of the receiving school may request that the transfer be rescinded if the child(ren)’s attendance becomes irregular due to the loss of transportation, or if the student is not dropped off or picked up according to the established rules at that building.

    2. The transferred student will be considered a permanent transfer and will attend the succeeding grades at that building. Requests for transfers in the middle of the year due to a change in family residence will only be granted for the remainder of that year. The student must attend his or her original attendance area building the next year or request another transfer.

    3. Transfer requests will be granted in order of receipt of request (first-come, first-serve).

    4. Approval of a transfer will be contingent upon the requested school’s projected enrollment not exceeding the desirable standard under the Missouri School Improvement Plan (MSIP) in the grade affected by the transfer.
    Parents may pick up a Student Transfer Request form at any of the Waynesville R-VI School District's schools or the Student Services Office.  Completed forms must be turned into your child's home school.
    Click here to view the District's Board Policy on Transfers Within The District.