• Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI)

    Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training is offered to staff members through the Waynesville School District. The district has three instructors certified through the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) which allows the district to provide on-site training.   

    Trained staff members are certified for two years. The one-day initial training is an introduction to crisis prevention that emphasizes early intervention and nonphysical methods for preventing or managing disruptive behavior. 

    To maintain certification, at the beginning of the second year, participants are required to attend a half-day Key Point Refresher course. The Key Point Refresher course is designed to improve and enhance Intervention skills in the school setting.
    Staff members may sign-up for CPI training through My Learning Plan. 
    To learn more about CPI, visit the Crisis Prevention website:  http://www.crisisprevention.com

    Restraint, Seclusion & Isolation

    All district staff are required to be trained annually  on board policy for Restraint, Seclusion, and Isolation.  To view the PowerPoint,
    click here.

    Employees must sign their building's signature page confirming that the training was provided.  The signature pages will be kept on file in the Personnel Services Office.


    Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

    CPR training is completed in-district through a program called Heartsaver from the American Heart Association.  The CPR training consists of learning through a workbook and video of how to administer first-aide basics, administer CPR & learning how to use an AED machine.  During the course you will practice some skills*.  If you demonstrate that you can do the skills taught in the course, you will receive a Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED course completion card. 

    Not all district staff are required to receive this training, but if required, certification will need to be completed every 2 years to obtain a new new course completion card.  You may sign-up for CPR training through My Learning Plan.  If needed, staff may choose to check out a CPR workbook a couple days prior to your training date.

    District Health Services staff members are certified instructors whom provide the CPR training to staff members.

    * If you have a latex allergy, please inform the instructor prior to starting any practice skills.

    To learn more about CPR, visit the American Heart Association's website:  http://www.heart.org