• Auto Collision Technology

    (Open to Grade 11, 12 & Adults)


    Most of the damage resulting from everyday vehicle collisions can be repaired, and vehicles can be refinished to look and drive like new.  Automotive body repairers, often called collision repair technicians, straighten bent bodies, remove dents, and replace crumpled parts that cannot be fixed.  Each damaged vehicle presents different challenges for repairers.  

    In Auto Collision you will learn how to repair automobiles from the fender bender to a totaled vehicle.  Sheet metal, dent repair, and basic welding and refinishing fundamentals will be taught in this course.  In addition you will learn, detailing - applying decals and miscellaneous exterior and interior trim. 

    If you want to learn the tricks of the trade, Auto Collision is the place to be.


    Auto Collision Technology students will:

    1. Understand and demonstrate shop safety and environmental practices.

    2. Demonstrate safe use of all hand tools and power tools along with shop equipment used in the Auto Collision Industry.

    3. Straighten sheet metal to factory specifications.

    4. Properly mix and apply plastic body filler to a properly prepared area and select and apply the proper undercoat materials such as primers and sealers.

    5. Understand and demonstrate welding procedures performed in the auto collision profession.

    6. Prepare the surface for refinishing and spray refinishing products with assistance.

    7. Identify opportunities in the Auto Collision field

    8. Detailing- Applying decals and misc. exterior and interior trim, and demonstrate polishing techniques

    9. Learn sheet metal repairs, body panel replacement, plastic panel repair, painting and refinishing, and glass installation.

    10. Identify the Auto Collision welding process and use safety procedures in welding and cutting.