• Agriculture Education

    Open to Grades 9-12 Only

    Agriculture encompasses the food, fiber, conservation, and natural resource system, employing over 20% of the nation’s workforce and is Missouri's #1 industry with over $3.5 billion in exports through the second quarter of 2012.  Some of the leading agriculture exports in Missouri include chemicals, food & fiber, machinery, minerals, and other agriculture products like timber and forages.
    Agriculture Science I
    First Year Ag. Students
    Agriculture Science 1 is a course designed for first year instruction in animal science, career exploration, leadership and personal development, as well as supervised agriculture experiences (SAE).  Units include the history of the National FFA Organization, leadership, careers, animal nutrition, animal reproduction, beef, swine, and sheep production
    Course Rationale- An understanding of careers, leadership, and basic principles in the animal industry provides a sound background for the agricultural industry.

    Agriculture Science II
    Second Year Ag. Students
    Agriculture Science 2 is a course designed for second year instruction in plant and crop science, soils, entomology, horticulture, and forestry. Units may also include agriculture mechanics, career development, leadership, and supervised agriculture experience. 

    Course Rationale- An understanding of the careers, leadership, and basic principles in the agriculture plant and food industry provides a sound background to pursue an agriculture career. 

    Conservation & Natural Resources
    Ag. Science 1 & 2 required
    Conservation and Natural Resources is an advanced course that prepares students for activities in the conservation and/or improvement of natural resources such as oil, water, air, forests, fish and wildlife for economic and recreational purposes. This course requires the prerequisite courses Ag. Science 1 & 2.

    Course Rationale- Management of our natural resources, wildlife, and ecological systems are essential components in sustaining our environment. 

    Ag. Science 1 & 2 Required
    Greenhouse Management develops a basic understanding of greenhouse techniques.  The production of greenhouse crops will be used to demonstrate procedures such as plants started from cuttings, seeds, grafts, and layering.  Students will manage their own crop as a greenhouse project.  

    Course Rationale- Cutting, seedling grafting, layering, and management of a greenhouse provide entry level and entrepreneurial opportunities for students with interest in horticulture.

    Agriculture Science 1 & 2 Required
    This course includes the basic techniques of landscape design, landscape construction, installation and maintenance.  This class is open to High School juniors and seniors.
    Agriculture Sales and Marketing
    Agriculture Science 1 & 2 Required
    Human relations, personal inventory, careers in selling, and other experiences necessary for employment in agribusiness engaged in marketing, purchasing and storing, grading, and transporting supplies and products.

    Course Rationale- Application of economics, sales, marketing, and human relation skills are essential for entry-level employment in agribusiness.