• Student / Parent Forms

    As you know, at the beginning of the school year there are always forms to be filled out regarding your student.  These forms are sent home with the student at the beginning of the year and may also be downloaded here.  These forms are a necessity for your child's enrollment, so we ask you to please take the time and complete them as accurately as possible and return them to the school with your student.
    Missouri Revised Statutes - Requiring all students and teachers to wear approved eye protective devices when participating in certain vocational, industrial arts, and chemical-physical laboratory courses of instruction.
    Student Medical Form - Required of all students attending WCC. WHS students will need to only fill out one form for the high school.
    Area Student Enrollment Form - Required of all sending school students. Student, Family & Emergency Contact Information
    Student Driving Permission - This form needs to be completed in advance of any student driving from our area schools to WCC. Driving is only permitted for special circumstances (field trips, competitions, doctor's appointments, etc.) In addition to this form, the student must turn in a  copy of their driver's license and current auto insurance card.
    Text Messaging / Remind Permission Form - In many cases, the most convenient and effective method of communication between the teacher/coach and your student will be text messaging. In accordance with Board of Education policy, all text messages must be strictly educational and/or informative. You may elect to receive copies of these text messages simultaneously with their transmittal to your child, as well.