Adult students may be admitted to most areas of training if they have a high school diploma, HiSet or GED. Students must complete the following:
    **Medical programs have additional requirements such as drug screening, physicals, & current immunizations.
    1. Completed application

    2. $20.00 non-refundable application fee (CNA requires tuition down payment as well as $20 application fee)

    3. Official High School Transcript, Official GED Transcript, or High School Diploma (CNA does not)

    4.  Background check $14 (+ $1.25 processing), and is done online at https://www.machs.mo.gov (Health fields have a different background check)

    5. All Students must complete the FAFSA online, including A+ students. Please go to https://fafsa.gov/. Be sure to use Waynesville Career Center's School code, 014833. Please use the DRT, Data Retrieval Tool, when completing your tax information on the FAFSA as well. (CNA and Nail Technology does not qualify for federal financial aid due to number of hours of instruction)

    6. Take Entrance Test and an Interest Inventory

    7. Applications will not be processed until all application information is received

    8. Interview may be with the Administration, Teacher, and/or Program Coordinator

    9. The program to which you are applying may have extra requirements needed with the application, and will be in the application packet.

    10. Once accepted into the program student must schedule an appointment with the WCC Directors Office Finance Secretary.

    11. There are no information technology requirements.

    Application Procedures

    1. Obtain an application for enrollment from the WCC Main Office or online.

    2. Submit to the WCC Main Office the completed application, documentation fulfilling vaccination requirements (if applicable) and file for financial aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA).

    3. Submit all required materials for the program and an official transcript of previous education earned from high school, high school equivalency, or other schools.

    4. The applicant will be notified when to schedule an interview for placement.


    For information on enrollment see:

    Mrs. Anna Hartley, Adult Education Secretary or Mr. Crabtree, Assistant Director